Café Miami Review

I discovered Café Miami from reading Not So Basic London's blog post about where to eat London's most delicious pancakes. Being a pancake fiend, as soon as I saw the photo of the pancake stack with forest fruits, Ribena compote and creme fraiche, I knew I had to try it. Café Miami is a bit out of the way for me but I was determined to try those pancakes, so I made my way there on a Sunday morning.

Pancake stack with forest fruits, Ribena compote and creme fraiche (£8)

I was devastated to find out that these are actually not on the menu anymore (replaced by cinnamon roll pancakes which sound equally delicious) as they were the reason for my visit in the first place, but the owner kindly made a plate for me. :'D They aren't the best pancakes I've had in London (the title is still held by Sunday Café), but they're definitely some of the better ones I've tried thus far. The pancakes were decently thick, light and fluffy but they quickly disintegrated and turned mushy from the generous amount of Ribena compote. The compote was sharp and tart with just the right amount of sweetness. Like the compote, there was a generous amount of berries which were juicy and fresh. The creme fraiche was light and nicely balanced out the tanginess of the compote and berries. Overall, the pancakes were a delight to eat and you don't feel too bloated at the end because they weren't too sweet or heavy.

Fancy bacon sandwich with avocado and chilli jam (£7)

The portion is huge, so do bear that in mind if you're a small eater. I dislike avocados, so I took them out of my half of the sandwich. The bread (I think it was focaccia) was slightly too crispy and hard (my jaw was getting a workout while eating the sandwich). Besides avocado and chilli jam, the sandwich also contained ricotta and parma ham or some sort of cold cured bacon. I expected the usual grilled or fried bacon, but the cold cured bacon surprisingly worked well. The ricotta added richness and creaminess whereas the chilli jam was really tasty and slightly sweet. Overall, the sandwich was jam packed with flavours.

Café Miami may look like an Instagram café with their pastel interior and photogenic food, but don't be fooled into thinking they're style over substance because the quality and taste of their food are top-notch. In fact, I'm planning on going back to try their cinnamon roll pancakes and waffle burger next time!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡

Café Miami
Address: 24 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0PD